Manaslu – acclimatization

September 7th 2019 we arrive to Base Camp located at 4820 m. Our home away from home for the coming weeks. Everyone gets their own spacious tent. After a few days of rest and taking part in Buddhist prayer ceremony, (Puja) to receive gods favour and safe return, we venture up for the first time. We set up Camp 1 and stay there for 2 days due to fresh snowfall. After that we go up to where camp 2 should be to deposit some gear, experience being at 6k m for a while and go back to Base Camp.

September 19th we are back in Camp 2 and day later we move up to Camp 3 at 6800 m where we spend 1 night. This concludes our acclimatization. We move to the base to rest and recover waiting for good weather window for summit bid.



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