Thamel – Kathmadu

It is a tourist district of Kathmandu located in the centre of the city. Narrow streets, encircled by mostly 2-3 storey buildings, are lively from early morning till late night. Pedestrians mix with popular motorbikes and an odd car trying to squeeze through the crowds. Everywhere around you can see hostels, hostels and multitude of shops with souvenirs or climbing equipment for those going on trekking or alpinists coming for an expedition.

As you walk the streets friendly shop owners promote their products. It is worth haggling when making a purchase. Taxi drivers offer their services, however often they do not know the way and ask you to show them on a mobile app where to go.

It makes for an interesting mix of cultures and people from all over the world with unique atmosphere and ambience. For me, however, it becomes tiring after a few days as I prefer calmer surroundings.

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