Kathmandu and Nepalese visa

Before I can leave the airport, I need to get my visa, which can be slow and lengthy process if a few fights arrive at the same time.

First step is to fill in a form available at the counters in the arrivals hall. Then one must use electronic booth to scan a passport, add more personal details and place of stay in Nepal. The machine also takes a picture and finally prints a confirmation. Furthermore, one pays for the type of visa needed, depending on the length of stay (30 days 90 USD, 90 days 125 USD). Last stage is to present customs officer passport, filled in form, confirmation printout from the machine, proof of payment, boarding card of the flight we arrived in and after answering a few questions I receive the visa. Then I can collect luggage and go to the hotel.

The capital of Nepal is located at the altitude of 1400 m and is populated by nearly 1 million people.  Streets are noisy, with constant blaring of horns. Traffic is congested with many bikes moving between cars. Interestingly only the bike driver is obliged to wear a helmet. Sidewalks are full of sellers pulling carts with their wares. Driving is on the left-hand side.  In the dry period the city is full of dust and smog. Many pedestrians wear masks.

There are many temples and objects on the UNESCO heritage list, although some still not restored after the damage of 2015 catastrophic earthquake.

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