The Low Tatras – Dumbier peak

Mid August I went with friends to The Low Tatras. We started out from a well know tourist resort in Demanovska Valley- Jasna. Our first 2 objectives were Chopok and Dumblier peaks. Grassy ridge was covered by blueberries slowing us down and extending our breaks to taste these berries.

After leaving Dumbier we stopped at the MR Stefanik mountain hut for lunch and to wait out the rain. Next we followed the red route to Kumstove Sedlo where we turned north via green route to Rovna Hola, Svidkovske Sedlo, Ohniste, Michalovske Sedlo and Slema peak. Around 100 m from the summit of Slema (marked with green triangle on white background) is a path leading to a wreck of Li-2 soviet aircraft shot down in 1944. There is also a commemorative plaque. Mountainous region was a good hiding place for resistance during WWII.

We concluded our trip by going down to Liptovsky Jan. 


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