Tajikistan expedition cancelled

As I hinted at in my latest post I was going to visit Tadjik Pamir to climb more 7-thousanders in my quest to continue working my way towards Snow Leopard challenge.

Unfortunately, days before the arrival date to Tajikistan the Pamir Peaks company having monopoly on helicopter services in this region informed us that they will not be able to offer any helicopter flights for minimum 3 weeks.

That meant we either had to rebook all our holiday and flights and hope that agency can deliver on their promise in August or cancel the expedition.

My friends decided to go instead to nearby Kyrgyzstan to climb Lenin Peak.

Although I was already in Kyrgyzstan and could easily join them I had already summited that mountain in 2016. With heavy heart I decided to come back to Europe early to save as much holiday and minimize my loses this summer 🙁

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