Ala Archa – Pik Ucitel acclimatization

At the beginning of July I embarked on another journey to central Asia. My first stop was in Kyrgyzstan. I visited Ala Archa National Park located nearby country’s capital – Bishkek. It was my 2nd visit there, the first one September the year before (link) I knew my way around a part of it, however this time my goal was to preacclimatize before the next, more demanding stage of my expedition to the Pamir mountain range.

Soon after landing I purchased food supplies for 2 weeks and moved to Ala Archa. First days I spent getting used to the altitude at 3300 m on a paid campsite (50 COM per day) near Racek mountain hut. In brief periods of good weather between rainfall I was going for short walks. Much to my surprise I have met many tourists  from Czech Republic and Poland, apart from frequent visitors to Kyrgyzstan – Russians and Turks. Best wishes to Piotr and thank you for company and motivating me to explore again nearby locations.

After the weather cleared I moved my tent to a pass just below Pik Ucitel. For the next 5 days I lived at 4450 m admiring the panoramic views of nearby summits.

Mid July I went back to Bishkek.

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