Ala Archa national park

Ala-Archa national park could be compared to the Alps, it is just an hours drive from the main city – Bishkek. In the summer or winter one can find there peaks with varying difficulty level. It is a popular training place for alpinists from central Asia.

Main campsite is Racek Camp. The name comes from Russian alpinist Vladimir Racek who in 1930-1970 explored mountain in central Asia and trained other alpinists.

The camp is located at 3300 m and there is a well marked path leading to it from car park at 2200 m. There is a mountain hut where tourists can buy accommodation and service of local mountain guides for climbing and courses. There is also a place for setting up tents for a small fee.

I spent there 3 days and climbed Pik Ucitela 4535 m – an easy and popular trekking peak. In my climb I was joined by 2 Russians from Novosibirsk – Siergiej and Anton. The route requires no special gear apart from crampons for the upper snowy part. From Racek camp you turn left and go up among grass to rocky ridge. It later leads up towards summit ridge and the summit. Route is marked with stone cairns. The climb takes a few hours.

Here is a video from the ascent. I am sure to come back there.

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