Presporsky ultrapunk 2018 – spontaneous 100km

This year the model of Presporsky Ultra Trail has been changed from individual participants to teams of two. I was not going to participate as I was tired after Javornicka Stovka 2 weeks before and Alpine trip week earlier.

However 2 days before the event I was asked to fill in for someone. I did not have any big plans for the weekend so I cautiously agreed. I was going to run anyway – just not so much laugh The route was 100 km and 3500 m vertical gain – like last year.

Shortly after 6 AM on Saturday morning I arrived to Culture Centre Dubravka to receive our starting package and leave deposit to be taken to the finish place.

At 7:00 AM 43 pairs took off. Together with Tomasz we were slowly moving forward. 1st checkpoint at 15th km we reached after 2 h, next one was faster – 25th km in 3h. It started to rain and did not stop for most of the day. Quicker pace tired me a bit so from that point we were not as fast anymore. 39th km in 4,5 h and 55th in 6,5 h. Then after the longest 22 km part between checkpoints we arrive to Stupava village and 77th km. We made a longer break there for wonderful hot soup, change of socks and small medical treatment of my toes. With renewed energy we continued through dark woods to the ruins of Pajstun castle where dusk fell. We put on our headlamps and run on. We arrived at the last checkpoint on 91st km in shortly before 12 h mark.

We finished in 13:21:46 taking good 7th place – another hundred K completed smiley I owe big thanks to Tomek for trusting me and inviting for this event, support on the route and patience to wait for me

Photos credit: Matej Lysy, Daniel Scepka


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