Javornicka (almost) hundred ultra

In mid-October I took part in ultramarathon Javornicka Stovka. It was rather unexpected for me with no preparation whatsoever. I did not plan such a long run so soon after my TienShan expedition, but shorter races were already fully booked. I managed to get in from the backup list after other participants cancelled.

On a Friday evening along with my friend Tomasz we arrived at the to Cadca village. After collecting our starting bibs we had barely any sleep, in the local school serving as accommodation, having to pack our things and prepare for an early start. The route looked challenging – around 106 km and 4480 m of altitude gain. Especially difficult part half way through between 4th and 5th checkpoint measuring 21,1 km +1044 m and – 747 m.

Foggy morning did not set our mood well, however it soon cleared after we climbed first hills. White fog was lying down only in the valleys creating a picturesque view.

First 30 km I was doing well staying around 60th out of 180 people despite losing my way around 38 km. Unfortunately sunny day proved too warm for me despite early Autumn. Hot sapping my energy. On 70th km I was lagging further behind around 80th place. Although it got colder in the evening I was not able to speed up.

My new shoes chaffing my feet did not help either. I took a longer break at 81st km. Finally I gave up on last checkpoint on 96th km because of aching feet.

After almost a year since last long ultramarathon I was reminded what to improve. Although currently weakened after the expedition I feel I should get better for Spring.


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