Acclimatization on Khan Tengri

Our adventure began by going to C1 to see the route and leaving there a small amount of food while we waited for better weather. While we were exploring the surroundings around the base we came across an ice cave, or rather a tunnel left by one of the many glacial streams. It was a nice break in daily routine while we were waiting for the weather improvement.

After spending almost 2 weeks in BC we were well adjusted to the altitude of 4000 m and could go higher. When conditions allowed we returned to C1, this time with tent and necessary equipment. In the middle of the night we started up with other alpinists to C2. Heavy backpacks and thin air was slowing us down. In the morning we reached C2 where we stayed for the night. On the following day we moved to C3.

Initially we wanted to spend there 2 nights and maybe scout the start of the route up. Unfortunately bad weather forecast forced us to go down having slept there 1 night. The wait for another weather window began.  


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