Stuck in BC

Base Camp South Inylchek is located at around 4000 m at the junction of 2 glaciers – Zvezdochka from Peak Pobeda and South Inylchek glacier from Khan Tengri. Due to location in the Tien Shan mountain range our BC and nearby peaks was exposed to sudden weather changes. From the east in China there is Taklamakan desert, from the north Kazak steppes and from the west, as big as a sea, mountain lake Issyk-kul which creates a lot of air and cloud movement.

It is going to be our house for the following weeks. We received accommodation in 2-person tents provided by our tour operator Ak-Sai Travel. Our service package also includes full board – 3 meals served in a big yellow dining tent while we are down there in BC. The camp houses not only alpinists but also trekkers who come here walking along the glacier for around 80 km in a week.

Soon after our arrival the weather turned bad for over a week cutting off BC from the world. It also made it impossible for helicopters to deliver food supplies and take people down. It was especially troublesome to trekkers limited by their holiday plans and return flight dates.

When asked about the weather we started answering with dark sense of humour – the forecast is the same as always- sunny snow showers!

As jokingly observed by our new friend Jura – we are like a submarine crew – stuck with nowhere to go. From the yellow colour of tents in the camp we chose the song of the week – Beatles classic – Yellow Submarine.


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