Karkara camp

After we arrived to Bishkek we went shopping for food supplies. While we brought from Europe specialized freeze-dried food airline luggage limitations  make it impossible to bring enough of other supplies for such a long trip.

In the local shop  each of us bought over 20 kilograms of food, mostly sweets, canned meat and cheese. On the following day, along with other alpinists, we boarded a bus provided to us by travel agency and went to Karkara. This village at 2200 m is located literally on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. For this reason to stay there one requires special border zone permit, thoroughly checked by local authorities. The camp and helicopter field is located in a kind of "no-mans land" behind Kyrgyz border checkpoint by the river designating the border.

Because we were first clients this season and some delays in  camp preparation we had to wait 2 days for our flight to the proper base camp BC on South Inylchek glacier. We used the time for acclimatization treks on nearby 3000 m hills.



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