Grossvenediger – 3rd time is the charm

Once again I visited The High Tauern and Kursingerhutte mountain hut. My objective was to attempt 3666m peak Grossvenediger. Just like the previous times we were greeted by heavy rain, which above 2400m turned to snow. Tired by heavy backpacks, cold and soaked to the bone we reached the mountain hut in the evening. Any plans of going up the next day were cancelled due to continued downpour. It allowed us to get some rest. Luckily this time we scheduled 1 extra day for such event and eagerly awaited weather improvement.

The next day rain stopped, though wind and clouded sky remained. Our walk up the glacier felt more like winter despite late June. Breaking trail in fresh snow with minimum visibility was slowing us down considerably. After 6 hours we stood on the summit. Surrounded by clouds we couldn't enjoy the view. Cold wind discouraged us from staying there too long and after  taking a few pictures we went down. 3rd time turned out to be lucky for us.

It was also an opportunity to gain some acclimatization before my upcoming high altitude expedition to the Tien Shan mountain range in July.



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