Slavkovský štít

On June 16th I went to The Tatras for the last one mountain endurance training this year and to see Slavkovski Stit where I have not been before. The map shows the blue track leading from Stary Smokovec village to the summit.

I arrived on the 1st morning train and after breakfast I started at 5 45 AM with my 20 kg backpack. The route leaves village via dirt road passing on the right hand side Hrebienok rail cart station and tracks. After around an hour it crosses red route of Tatranska Magistrala with a clearly marked signpost. I continue upwards following blue marks. Soon I leave wooded area as the trees give way to bushes. The higher I go even these disappear leaving barren, crumbing, granite rocks. The path winds up and up following seemingly unending ridge. I climb one hilltop only to see another one in the distance. Finally there is nowhere to go and I reach the summit marked by a metal cross commemorating the first ascent over 350 years ago. Getting there took me surprisingly little time – 3,5 h despite my heavy load. Although it was a cloudy day, I was spared the rain. After some rest and food I went down.

It was not the end of my plans for the day. After reaching the red route I turn left to Hrebienok and on to Razcestie nad Rainerovu Chatu, where I turn to another blue track to Velka Studena Dolina – the  valley at the end of which mountain hut Zbojnicka Chata is located. In the late afternoon I reach my shelter for the night at 1960 m and can enjoy a hot dinner before a well-earned rest.

It was one of the hardest training days for my mountain endurance – 2272 vertical meters up, 1307 m down and 20 km distance under 9 hours with heavy backpack. I feel well prepared for the upcoming challenges this summer smiley


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