Retezat National Park

It is located in Romania – the first national park created there in 1935. It has an area of 380 square kilometers with many lakes and over 60 granite peaks higher than 2300 m. Valleys are covered by forests of various tree types. It is a popular tourist destination with many local trekkers and well-marked routes.

I went there for a weekend trip to see Lake Bucura. We started from Carnic campsite and went up via blue route to Cabana Pietrele (Pietrele mountain hut) and turned up to a more picturesque yellow route along the ridge of Lolaia peaks. However in the afternoon a big storm chased us down and we did not see the lake that day. For safety reasons we turned back and after a few hours of trudging throught the forest, freezing and soaked to the bone we could rest in Rausor village.

The next day it was cloudy and cold but weather stabilized and we could resume our trek. Through Retezat 2482 m and  Bucura I 2433 m peaks we reached the lake Bucura. After a night in the shelter there we went back climbing the highest peak of the region along the way – Peleaga 2508 m


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