New toys

Summer expedition is fast approaching so I took it as an excuse to upgrade some of my gear. I wanted to share 2 of my newest purchases: Beal Back Up rope and Marabut Baltoro Red line Tent


The rope has a very special use – only to abseil in case of emergency when main rope is damaged – hence  the backup name. It is not tested for climbing or glacier travel as it is a static cord. What makes it so special is the weight – only 21g/m with 5,5 mm diameter. It is hard to believe such flimsy looking thing can sustain 12 Kn

I tested it with small Figure 8 device and Reverso 4. Figure 8 works fine both single and double rope configuration. I do not recommend Reverso to use with this cord – friction is too small and it is harder to control the descend – additional karabiner for friction would be advisable. Then again Reverso is not designed and tested for such ropes so not using it as intended.


As for the tent it is 2-person tent designed for use on soft surface like snow or grass and for “normal” use some extra protection for flooring is recommended. The inside measures 215 cm x 150 cm. It has 2 entrances, though 1 is rather small and not enough to store much of anything. What distinguishes the tent is the weigh 2.6 to 3.1 kg depending if we factor repair kit for aluminium poles, spikes and storage sack. For now no opinion about it – we shall see after a few nights spend in it in the future


If you begin to see a pattern here you are right – weight is the reason here – after all every little counts the higher you go.  

  Reverso 4

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