Mountaineering endurance training

Each passing day brings me closer to the summer expedition. Since March the main focus of my training is developing mountaineering endurance to help me move with heavy backpack in the mountains – the main activity in high altitude mountaineering. For me it is a combination of exercises targetting legs like short strength weight lifting and longer endurance training such as climbing stairs, box-step with extra load, running. The closer the departure date the more uphill or simulated altitude you should do to prepare your body for it. Luckily proximity of The Little Carpathians is a great benefit allowing me to go there every weekend and cover both distance and altitude. These are demanding workouts in terms of time and effort so I can do it only 1 a week – I still have to go to work Mon-Fri wink

A sample training this weekend was 52 km with around 1530 m altitude gained in around 10 h moving time plus breaks. Only me, forest and my 20 kg backpack laugh

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