After the summer break in running competitions caused by summer expeditions to the Caucasus and small injuries came a time for another ultramarathon. This weekend I took part in Malokarpacka Vertikala. It is a local run with 56 km distance and 2900 m elevation gain/loss. The route leads across a number of higher peaks in the Little Carpathians.

I did not have time to specifically prepare, nor rest before this one. I run only 60 km the week before. This event was supposed to be a laid back one for  me to save my strength and energy – if it can be said about running a mountain ultramarathon wink Next week even bigger challenge awaits me.

The weather was very good, mostly sunny and quite warm for October. The start was a slow warm up for me. I was slowly overtaking more and more competitors, mostly on the downhill sections. Due to big altitude differences on the route I took trekking poles with me, which turned out to be a very good decision.

Refreshment stations were well equipped and crewed by fantastic, helpful volunteers contributing to great atmosphere of the day.

I finished the race in 7h 43min 43s which is a great result considering my training pace and long food breaks. 84 people took part, 10 did not finish and I placed 23rd overall.


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