Kazbek – the route

Normal way starts in Stepantsminda village and leads to the Cminda Sameba church located on 2170 m the picturesque hill nearby. It is easy to rent one of the many 4×4 cars in the central square in the village taking tourists to the church – cost is 40-60 GEL per car depending on its size and season. From there we move up by a dirt path up the grassy slopes to the Arsha Pass behind which route dips down a bit to climb up again 200 vertical meters. After crossing a small stream we reach the camp 1 location, which is often skipped by many teams, at around 3100 m. the path goes up to the edge of lower part of Gergeti Glacier at around 3260 m. once we are past the glacier a steeper stony path leads up former meteo station building, now converted into a mountain hut. On the plateau nearby there are multiple platforms for tents available and a water source from melting snowfield. It is the main camp for everyone attempting to climb Kazbek. Due to border vicinity and safety reasons everyone has to register their stay and there is also a fee of 10 GEL per tent per day.

From the camp, which everyone simply calls Meteo, route traverses slope slightly upwards circling the mountain north. Careful attention needs to be paid so as not to get to close to Khamura Wall cliff when entering the upper part of the glacier due to constant rock fall.  At around 4300 m there is a snowy plateau used by some teams as an advanced camp. Next the way leads west up a steeper part of the glacier. Just below the summit at 4800 m there is a small saddle. The last 200 m have 45-50 degrees incline and are often covered with ice. Equipment and skills for such terrain are strongly recommended.





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