Stairway to… Rysy

Last year on the red route to Rysy peak from the Slovak side additional artificial steps were made for tourists. It was met with a lot of criticism from hikers and was seen as going to far, being done for the first time in the Tatra National Park.

Wanting to see it for myself and (not) rest before the Stefanik Trail run I went for a weekend trip to the Tatras. Despite hot weather there was still a lot of snow in the upper parts of the Tatras. Additioanlly I visited Koprovsky peak. Infamous stairs turned out to be a short section of steel platforms built above old safety chains to allow tourists to pass by more easily and increase traffic capacity on this particularly steep section on the way to refugee Chata pod Rysmi

The controversy that this construction was met with was exaggerated in my opinion and does not greatly lower the route difficulty. For me, as a climber, it is easier and more natural to use old chains and go over rock rather than use these new features.


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