Cross Country Baba-Kamzik

On the last April weekend I took part in my 2nd ever official ultramarathon, after Łemkowyna Ultra Trail in 2015, Cross Country Baba – Kamzik. The route starts at Kamzik near Bratislava and goes across Male Karpaty to Pezinska Baba hill and back along the same way – 53 km total and 1700m elevation gain/loss. There was also a 26km and 16 km run taking place largely along the same path to accommodate around 1 thousand participants.

I was mildly optimistic after my good marathon results 4 weeks before. I was certain I can complete it without dropping out out of exhaustion. However I was also going to be cautious to avoid any injury and not fully push myself due to upcoming challenge – more on that in the coming weeks


Early morning together with over 200 ultrarunners, and my friends supporting me (Marcin, Mateusz and Grzegorz) I arrived at the starting place. 7 30 AM the race began. I started out moderately fast and soon was moving forward overtaking people. I reached 11 km after 1h 03min and half way turning point at Pezinska Baba after 2h 33min. The other half was more demanding. I could feel fatigue slowly creeping in and gave up running up even the smallest inclines. The last 6 km I was mostly walking. I did not want to push myself too much.

In the end I finished in 5h 24min 16s giving me 39th place in my age category for men aged 20-39 years old and 61st among 170 people who completed this 53 km race within the time limit.

I am very happy with my unexpectedly good result giving me hope for the big race later this year smiley


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