Challenge accepted

Stefanik Trail is named after a Slovak politician, pilot and soldier Milan Ratislav Stefanik who played an important role in rebuilding Czechoslovakia after the end of World War 1 and collapse of Austro-Hungarian Empire. This ultramarathon commemorates Stefanik’s 7- days march in 1915 through the Serbian territory during which he had to fight against enemy guerilla forces and was injured.


The race starts at Stefanik’s tomb in Brezová pod Bradlom along red route in Male Karpaty and finishes in Bratislava at Stefanik’s monument making it 144,2 km  and  +5330 m / -5680 m elevation gain and loss. The race can also be completed as a relay team consisting of 4 to 7 participants.

I am going to take it on as single ultra-runner. Last training and scouting run of first 40 km of the route completed last week. Let us hope I can make it to the finish line – challenge accepted smiley


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