Bratislava Marathon 2017

It is April – time for another Bratislava Marathon edition. AS every year it was a weekend full of running events like children run, 4.2 and 10 km run as well as the main event – marathon, half marathon and relay run on Sunday.

Unlike in previous years the route has changed leading competitors to the other side of Danube River and the biggest park in the city- Sad Janka Krala.


This year I did not have any particular goal apart from improving my time from last year – which was 3:44:18 Hot, sunny weather and bigger elevation gain did not incite optimism.

The first half I tried to run fairly fast – 1:41:20 On the second lap i felt increasingly tired, especially after 30 km I was forced to slow down towards the end but not as much as last year. I finished with a surprisingly good result  3:27:38


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