Winter Pajstun Run

This weekend I took part in the winter edition of Pajstun Run. It is a local run starting in Stupava village. The route is 11,5 km and 420 m vertical gain/loss and makes a lap to Pajstun castle and back. There was also a separate category for runners with dogs.

After collecting my starting package and briefing about difficult condition due to ice along most of the route it was time to run. Start was signaled by a Kalashnikov replica salvo smiley

Gradually I was taking over other runners where narrow, icy path allowed. I was slowly speeding up but losing my advantage on slippery downhills. I suffered a few falls along the way.   

My result 01:10:36 gave me 27th place overall among 80 runners and 15th from 33 man in my age category.

Event gallery can be found here



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