Should you run in the winter?

For many people winter is a time of rest after last autumn competitions or strength building period. For me, however, it is the middle of preparations for the summer expeditions.

Regardless, running in snow has many positives for everyone. Being outside prepares your body for cold air and improves immune system. Additionally earlier  training gives you more time and better form for the spring.

However certain precautions are needed. One should adjust their clothing for the current conditions paying close attention to extremities like palms and ears to protect them from cold. During this time having worse results is natural due to lower friction of snow-covered surfaces. In turn soft snow cushions our steps.  

If you do trail running you need to be extra careful as uneven terrain can be covered by snow making it easier to have an injury – especially if it is icy.

So is it worth to run in the winter? For me the answer is yes smiley


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