Ciemniak in the winter

As a part of Lodz Caving Club winter camp I had the opportunity to lead a group on Ciemniak – 2096 m a.s.l. located in the Western Tatras. Due to 3rd level of avalanche warning we equipped ourselves appropriately with avalanche beacons, shovels and probes. Gentle slopes and thick foliage increased our safety. Above tree line the path was covered with waist deep snowdrifts. Undeterred we marched on. Everyone could test how their winter clothing can match up to temperatures below negative 30 degrees Celsius.

Once we reached the exposed ridge around 100 m below the summit we decided to turn back. Strong wind greatly increased chilling effect of the day.

In the evening we analyzed the trip. I shared some of my high altitude experience with my friends.

Krzysztof, Daniel, Kamil – thank you for the pictures.


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