Bratislava marathon 2016

DSCN1900sAnother edition of Bratislava marathon finished successfuly. Organizers once more did everything right. A new, interesting and worth copying idea was preparing time cards for half and full marathon with time limits to stick to for your predicted result. Apart from the main run there was also 10 km run and children competition the day before.


My goal was to go below 4h. I started quite fast and did first half in 1:48:29 –  which took its toll on me later. It was a sunny and hot day with around 25 degrees Celsius – too warm for me. Gradually I was slowing down to reach the finish line in 3:44:18 Considering conditions I am satisfied with the result.

bra-mrathon-targets child-run DSCN1896s marathon-finish-2016

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