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1My name is Marek, I was born in 1983. Alpinist, caver, ultramarathoner. In my daily life I am an office worker. I spend my free time actively – preferably in the wild.

Name of blog – IceBat – comes from my hobbies – caving, spelunking which inspired me to start my lifelong mountain adventure with different varieties of climbing high mountains where even in the summer extremely cold conditions apply.

I love extreme sports, travelling, exploring the unknown – always ready for adventure. I have no need for hotels and comfort. I have experience camping in the wild all year round. I like to travel with friends, though lone trips also happen. Among friends I am considered a daredevil.

I dream big about big mountains.


Alpinism is an act of discovering. An expression of Freedom. Even a bit of anarchy. There are no medals, cameras. It is a way of life, not really economical at that. In car races people also die yet no one says it is a sport for suiciders. Does the fact that drivers earn a fortune makes their deaths more acceptable? If you die doing what you love but without money is your death stupid? We do not go there to die but to live – to the fullest. 

Simone Morro

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